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Posted Feb 17th, 2016

Spring Fever

Spring fever, that quintessential feeling of being energized and out of hibernation. What causes these overwhelming feelings? Research shows it is the increase in sunlight that makes people feel restless, sexually excited and the hunter desire kicks in. That infectious desire happens when the days get longer and the temperature begins to climb.

The daylight triggers a change in the amounts of hormones our brains produce. It alters the amount of melatonin, which is a hormone that influences sleep cycles as well as mood changes, thus results in feverish bouts of cleaning your house, being distracted in your business environment, and a twinge of wanting to connect with someone.

Some scientists feel these symptoms are brought about by hormonal changes in the body. That urge to want to explore. For men, the hunter mentality kicks in. For the women, the feeling of wanting to bond and connect. It is like a homing signal in the brain that tells the person where to go and with whom to connect with.

The change in the air, the smell of fresh cut grass, flowers blooming and we swear we’ve caught Spring fever like it’s a cold. We laugh about it, and we hunt for the nearest patio to send our taste buds on a culinary journey and our pallet enjoying the fruits of the earth and feeling alive again!

Spring fever can have an affect on one’s logical decision to engage in picking partners as well. We are not much different than animals so we hunt for our mates like we’re on a mission to find superman or superwoman. That’s when you end up being the creepy guy or the stalker woman. My suggestion is to relax, enjoy meeting different people, find places where you know the right types of people may go to socialize and choose carefully. 

A study was done on the percentage of single people in North America. The alarming number was over 50% of the population. Why do you think that is? In over 18 years of studying human behavior, interviewing over 8000 people, we have forgotten the basics.  

My advice, get rid of the list that is longer than your arm. Compromise, give and take. We all have faults and idiosyncrasies, but if 90% is great, then put up with the 10% because no one is perfect. It is no different for people in relationships either.


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