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Jelly Mix & Match

These jellies are crafted to serve with any type of cheese and crackers, favourite bread or toast, and of course on a French baguette/crostini. OR, just amazing spread over warm brie with some pecans, walnuts or figs on top, use your imagination!

Selections of Choices:

Red Pepper Ice Jelly

This hot finish jelly is as pleasing on the eye as is it on the palate! Red pepper flakes are suspended in this Icewine based jelly. Ingredients: Icewine, sugar, pectin and red pepper flakes

Blueberry Ice Jelly

The finest quality Icewine is used to make this unique and decadent accompaniment to meats and cheeses. Ingredients: Icewine, sugar, pectin and blueberry

Peach Ice Jelly

Mildly infused with traditional White Icewine, this distinctive jelly is a superb addition to glazes. Ingredients: Iced peach wine, Vidal Icewine, sugar and pectin

Maple Ice Jelly

Made from the finest Ontario Maple syrup and Sweet Icewine, this distinctive jelly is a wonderful topping on warm brie with pecans. Ingredients: Vidal Icewine, maple syrup, sugar and pectin

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