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Spicy Grape Seed Oils

Grapeseed Oil and flavour infused Grapeseed Oils are perfect for salad dressings, marinating and grilling plus offer health benefits.

Grapeseed Oil Facts

Grapeseed Oil is the by-product of wine production with amazing cooking and health values that cannot be ignored.  It has been a favourite oil of European chefs for hundreds of years due to its many fine qualities as edible oil.  Now recent studies have demonstrated that Grapeseed Oil is effective in lowering blood cholesterol levels thereby reducing the risk of cardiac attacks by loosening bad cholesterol from the arterial walls so it can be carried to the liver for elimination

Cooking Benefits

Its delicate flavour allows the natural flavour of your favourite foods, herbs and spices to come through. Grapeseed oil can be heated up to 419 degrees (F) without burning, the highest flash point of any oil, making it the miracle frying oil.

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