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The Essence of Niagara

Essence of Niagara

Using all natural ingredients to create the highest quality oils, jams and jelly products! Variety is the spice of life and this is evident in the many fruit infused vinegars, jams and oils created to tantalize your senses!

Grapeseed Oil

...and flavour infused Grapeseed Oils are perfect for salad dressings, marinating and grilling. Available in convenient size and packaging formats to suit your needs, plus offer health benefits.


add excitement to salads, marinades and sauces. From the crispness of our Chardonnay Peach to the slight sweetness of the Vidal Maple, you are bound to discover your favourite!

Ice Wine Jellies

These jellies are crafted to serve with any type of cheese and crackers, favourite bread or toast, and of course on a french baguette/crostini. OR, just amazing spread over warm brie with some pecans, walnuts or figs on top, use your imagination!

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