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Bob Lipinski is our Wine Expert with a Certified Sommelier designation from the Court of Master Sommeliers.

He’s written many books, conducted seminars worldwide, presentations to businesses, Fortune 500 companies and even to the Executive Staff at The White House. Bob has had television and radio experience as a host, writer, and even as a guest. He has worked as a consulting enologist and viticulturist and held executive-level sales positions in training and education within the Wine & Spirits industry. Further, as a College Professor of Management & Marketing at New York Institute of Technology and as visiting Professor at the Culinary Institute of America.

Looking for an engaging professional speaker and entertainer; Bob can be reached at OR

101: Everything you need to know about Whiskey book by Bob Lipinski

101: Everything you need to know about Whiskey book by Bob Lipinski

This book presents whiskey as a “101 Introduction,” covering the basics of each major whiskey category and countries of origin. Blended American, Bourbon, Canadian, Corn, Irish, Japanese, Rye, Scotch, and Tennessee Whiskey. Although many other countries produce whiskey, their coverage is beyond the scope of this book.

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