Wine Virgin

At Wine Virgin we’re so passionate about the wine and culinary experience and the lifestyle that goes along with it, we’ve partnered with some very uniquely talented group of individuals who also share our passion and vision.

Sam Jonas, Founder, WineVirgin

Sam Jonas


» Meet Sam

Michael Pinkus, The Grape Guy, WineVirgin

Michael Pinkus

The Grape Guy

» Meet Michael

Bob Lipinski, Wine Expert, WineVirgin

Bob Lipinski

Wine Expert

» Meet Bob

Mike Pollington, Multimedia Expert, WineVirgin

Mike Pollington

Multimedia Expert

» Meet Mike

Shawn Murphy, Culinary Expert, WineVirgin

Shawn Murphy

Culinary Expert

» Meet Shawn

Jessica Tennier, Culinary Expert, WineVirgin

Jessica Tennier

Culinary Expert

» Meet Jessica

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