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View our collection of video promos, team introductions, wine education and culinary journeys we've created and stay up to date on the latest culinary and wine journeys in Niagara.

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What is WineVirgin

What is WineVirgin - Check it out now

Learn about all of the benifits of becoming a WineVirgin Member. From Helpful Party Tips to Exclusive Members ONLY Contests we're sure that you'll...

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Uniquely Exciting Niagara Wine Country Group Tour Programs

Niagara Wine Country is a truly Uniquely world-class destination offering food and culinary experiences right here Niagara, Ontario, Canada!

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Learn about wine virgin

Learn About Wine Virgin - Join Now

At WineVirgin, we believe that every experience should be as exciting as your first. Whether sweet and simple or challenging and complex, we want to make these moments ...

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Wine Reviews

Michael Pinkus "The Grape Guy" Rockway 2012 Wild Ferment Red

WineVirgin's Michael Pinkus "The Grape Guy" reviews Rockway Winery 2012 Small Lot Wild Ferment Red. Colour is ruby to garnet, with aromas of strawberry, beetroot, cherry and wildflower.

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Michael Pinkus "The Grape Guy" Malivoire 2013 Small Lot Gamay

Michael Pinkus "The Grape Guy" Ontario wine review of Malivoire 2013 Small Lot Gamay. For more wine reviews check out...

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Tours & Tastings

White Wine & Culinary Experiences

Let's talk about white wines today! Hear what our wine expert Michael Pinkus "The Grape Guy" has to say about Niagara Wine Country whites...

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Michael Pinkus, The Grape Guy

Michael Pinkus, The Grape Guy, teams up with WineVirgin to bring you a great wine and culinary experience! Expect to be amazed with...

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Elaine Peters Wine Tasting at DiProfio Wines

WineVirgins social ambassador Elaine Peters visits DiProfolio Wines in Jordon Station, Ontario to sample some of their wines. Just an example of some of...

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Member Events

WineVirgin attends Ferox Winery Release 2016

WineVirgin attends Ferox Winery Release 2016 attends unveiling of Ferox Brand by Fabian Reis at Reif Estate Winery! What a Gala, wine, food & great hospitality...

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Peller Estate Country Wine Fare 2016

Peller Estate Country Wine Fare 2016

What a happening from live country music, food trucks to great BBQ Pig and other great food served by Chef Jason Parsons and crew. Checkout the action for yourself!

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